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SMHA Parents Code of Conduct

Revised SMHA Parents Code of Conduct - 2017-2018

Please see changes in bold below:

1) I agree to support and encourage my child, attend games and cheer for all players, including the opposition. 2) I agree to practice good sportsmanship and avoid yelling at my child or any child about their performance prior to, during or after the game.
3) I agree youth sports are for kids, not adults.
4) I agree to bring my child to practices and games on time and contact the coach(es) if my child cannot attend or will be late for a practice or game.
5) I agree to be a positive role model for all children by avoiding complaining about or yelling at referees.
6) I agree to not coach my child or any other players from the sidelines or the stands. If I have an issue with the coach, I will address it in private after a 24-hour cooling period through my designated team contact as set out by my team.
7) I will always remember that I am the adult and should act like one. It is more difficult for a child to deal with an out-of-control parent than for a parent to deal with an out-of-control child.
8) I agree to respect and show appreciation for the volunteer coaches who give their time to coach a sport for my child.
9) I agree to be respectful of all evaluators and coaches during the pre-season evaluation process and I will not contact these people during the evaluation process. 
10) I agree to be respectful in social media of all parties associated with the sport of minor hockey

Violations of this Code of Conduct may result in:

First violation will be a meeting of the parent(s) with their zone and a written warning from the zone that outlines the ramifications of future violations.  The parent(s) involved will also be required to take the online Respect in Sport for Parents course at their own expense within 14 days of receipt of written notification of first violation.  If not completed within 14 days, a Second Violation will be triggered.

Second violation will be a minimum one game suspension for both player and parent.  The requirement for completion of the online Respect in Sport for Parents course at the parent(s)' expense still applies.  The suspension of player and parent will be maintained until such time that the Respect in Sport for Parents course is completed.

Third violation will be a meeting with the SMHA Discipline Committee where appropriate discipline will be applied