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Jersey Care Instructions

Saskatoon Renegades
Jersey Care Instructions

 *** Routine laundering is required and is the responsibility of the team. ***

 Laundering of jerseys

  • Jerseys are to be washed in cold or warm water only and hung to dry only.
  • Machine drying will damage/destroy the numbers and or cresting on the sweater
  • Jerseys are to be collected and hung in the jersey bag provided after each use. (This applies to all age groups.)

Please Note: Velcro can be extremely damaging to jerseys.

  • No iron on, heat, or adhesive affixed items are to be applied to the jerseys.
  • Name bars and Captains/Alternate markings are to be removed by the team prior to returning the jerseys to the Zone at the end of the season.
  • ALL teams must have a jersey coordinator to keep track of the teams jerseys.  Players are not allowed to take home their jerseys.
  • ALL teams are required to submit a $300.00 jersey deposit to their teams’ manager who will in turn submit a post dated cheque, dated March 15th to the appropriate Coordinator. 
  • Cheques will be returned once the teams jerseys have returned in a satisfactory condition.
  • Any minor repairs are the responsibility of the team.
  • Any damage requiring major repairs/replacement should be reported immediately to the Equipment Coordinator. 

When returning jerseys at the end of the season please note the following:

  • Any damaged or missing jerseys will be charged against your team deposit.
  • Jerseys must be returned freshly laundered.
  • Jersey sets will be inspected at the time of return.
  • Jerseys hung in numerical order with the cresting and hangers facing the same way will save a great deal of time when inspecting the sets and help speed the return of your jersey deposit.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.