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Nov 29 2022

Hockey Canada - New Requirements for all Players for 2022-23

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Hockey Canada - New Requirements for Upcoming Season


Please click here for the PDF version of thie information below with example fields showing.

Hockey Canada has new mandatory questions and waivers that need to be signed off on and completed by all players and coaches for the upcoming season. Until these questions are completed and waivers are accepted, SMHA will not be able to submit team rosters to Hockey Sask for approval. 

For existing players and coaches:

  • Create a Spordle account:

    • Coaches will likely already have a Spordle account, but Players most likely will not unless they have recently completed referee clinics

  • Ensure the following boxes are completed:

    • Birth country

    • Ethnicity

    • Both mandatory waivers

    • Indigenous declaration

When you are logged in to your Spordle account, there will be a red asterisk with 'Required fields are missing'. If you click on this, it will bring up the Required Fields for you to complete.


For new to hockey players (i.e., have never been registered with any Hockey Canada programming):

  • Create a Spordle account:

  • Complete all player information, as well as the additional information and waivers listed above

  • If you encounter issues completing this, there is a paper form that can be completed and sent in to SMHA, but please try to complete it on Spordle first. 

This must all be completed prior to the formation of teams, so please help in this by having it done as soon as possible. Reminder: If this is not completed, rosters cannot be submitted to Hockey Saskatchewan for approval  and the team will not be able to play games until all are complete.


Please see below for the rationale of Hockey Canada requesting this additional information.

Response on Inquiries of Self-Declaration Demographic Data

The collection of self-identification data is central to equity, diversity and inclusion efforts.  The data provides information on diversity of the population registering to play hockey and this data increases our ability to enhance programs and also recognize and remove barriers for equity deserving groups.  As the HCR’s purpose is to register participants it is reasonable to use this platform to collect registration related data on participants that will assist with the growth and retention of players throughout the country. 

The self-declaration demographic data being collected through the use of the HCR platform is consistent with how the Government of Canada solicits this information including the options you see on ethnicity, language and Indigenous Peoples.  There are many factors as to why and how this data is collected, therefore here is a link to the Government of Canada website on this topic if you wish to educate yourself further:

Hockey Canada recognizes that terminology is not universally agreed upon and continues to evolve.  Therefore, we will continue to evaluate feedback received for review at the end of each hockey season.




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